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Think you might be pregnant? While the only way to know for sure is through pregnancy testing and a follow-up ultrasound, there are common symptoms to look for that may indicate pregnancy.

Read on to learn the top signs that you might be pregnant. Or, if you’re looking for free pregnancy testing or a limited ultrasound, contact us today to schedule your free, confidential appointment.

Top Signs of Early Pregnancy

  1. Missed menstrual period: At the moment of conception (when the sperm and egg meet), a special hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) becomes present in your body. This hormone tells your body to stop menstruating. When you stop menstruating, your uterine lining becomes thick and rich to nourish and sustain your pregnancy.
  2. Painful, swollen breasts: The same hormone that tells your body to stop menstruating also prepares your breasts for breastfeeding. If you notice that your bras fit tighter lately or that your breasts are tender, this could be a sign of pregnancy.
  3. Nausea with or without vomiting: If you’ve been feeling queasy or vomiting without a known cause (like sickness or food poisoning), you might be pregnant. While pregnancy nausea and vomiting aren’t fully understood, it’s thought that pregnancy hormones play a role.
  4. Increased urination: During pregnancy, your blood volume increases, which causes your kidneys to work harder and urine production to increase. If you’ve been running to the restroom more frequently, you might be pregnant.
  5. Fatigue: If you’ve been feeling fatigued without a known cause (like staying up too late or being sick), this could mean you’re pregnant. Those early pregnancy hormones can cause some women to feel excessively tired.

This list of early pregnancy symptoms isn’t exhaustive. And sometimes, these symptoms can indicate other health conditions. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s essential to follow-up with medical-grade pregnancy testing and an ultrasound.

You’re Not Alone in This

Not knowing if you’re pregnant can cause anxiety, but you’re not alone in this. We’re here to help with free pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, and the information you need to make an informed decision. Contact us today to be connected with one of our caring team members.

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